Welcome to the Brian’s Gym rules and etiquette page!  Whether you are a new member, prospect, or current it is helpful to know general gym rules and courtesies within the facility. Failure to follow or repeatedly breaking certain rules may result in temporary or permanent ban.


1) First and foremost as a member or if on a guest pass do not let anyone into the gym.  It is imperative we have a liability waiver on all people entering the facility.  Caught letting one in will result in immediate termination of membership.

2) Treat everyone with respect. This includes fellow members and staff. 

3) Put back whatever you use/re-rack weights.

4) No using chalk.

5) Wipe down equipment after use with spray bottles and cleaning rags located throughout gym.

6) Please refrain from working out in groups of more than 3 in the weights area during busy times.

7) If you work in any industry that involves caking your shoes with soil or debris you must change shoes before working out.

8) We review cameras often, especially over night. Remember that while on the premises. Any unusual behavior that resembles  being under the influence of substances may result in ban.

9) Things happen we understand.  But if you break something please let the front desk know or contact us. If we have to review cameras to find out what happened your membership could be affected.

10) If you see anything we should be made aware of please note the time and vicinity and contact us by calling/texting the gym number 660-829-0997 or contacting us on social media.


Thank you!