“I just want to tone and lean up”
“Weights just take too long”
“I don’t want to bulk up”

“I don’t want everyone looking at me”

“I don’t want to be intimidated by all those big guys”
“I need more time to workout”

“I don’t want to use weights because
I just want to burn fat”

“I’m embarrassed cause I don’t know what to do”

Weights & Cardio

At Brian’s Gym weights and cardio facility we commonly hear the “I don’t wannas”! Every 3rd-4th person that steps through the door on a daily basis will say one of the above statements! And we are here to tell you that’s ok! You will fit right in and we will do our best to show you what you CAN do!


  • Can be done 30 min 2-3x a week
  • Athletes, Bodybuilders, and alike lift extremely heavy and take in large amounts of protein and calories to bulk. They work extremely hard for results and not something one has to worry about “just happening”
  • When someone says they want to lean or tone they still want to bulk! Toning and leaning mean adding muscle, just not as much!
  • Think of muscle as your car engine! The bigger the engine the more fuel you burn while you drive! Driving can be equated to using the cardio equipment, classes, or any activity that elevates the heart rate! This is why weights go hand in hand with cardio based activity!

Functional Fitness & Indoor Turf Area

Functional Fitness/Indoor Turf – At Brian’s Gym not only do we cater to those looking for more traditional methods of exercise but also to those looking for functional fitness options.  Whether your a cross fitter, a plyometric fanatic, or just want to throw some general functional fitness into your routine our functional fitness/indoor turf area has you covered.  So grab a bumper plate set, kettle bells, speed/agility or strongman style equipment and take your workout to a different dimension!

Group Training

Group Training Classes – Group training is an incredibly fun efficient way to get your workout in and with Brians Gym live and virtual classes we have a great mix of workouts.  Classes range from Weight Based to Core as well as cycling, kickboxing, Yoga/Pilates, Zumba, Boot Camp and more.  Classes are designed for anyone even those just getting started with the idea that repedative attendance will allow you to get better at the class and a more efficient workout. 


Kid Zone – We at Brian’s Gym know the most important thing to you is your children.  Thats why we have gone to great lengths to create a fun filled positive environment for your kids to play while you get your workout in.  If you children want to come to the gym your workout will be much easier to get in.  There’s no TV and our day care workers stay very involved with each child also making sure to observe all children within the vicinity.  We ask babies be a minimum of 3 months old.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:00am – 11:00am
Tuesday/Thursday  8:00am – 11:00am
Saturday Daycare 8:00am – 11:00am